Blue IoT (Australia) enters the Indonesian Market in partnership with PT DOTS to Drive Energy Conservation and Opex Reduction for Buildings

March 29, 2023 3:31 pm

Blue IoT Australia signed an agreement with PT DOTS (Indonesia) to market and deploy its Encompass Blue Smart Cities Platform in Indonesia.  The Encompass Blue platform uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology combined with machine learning to better understand, predict and advise relating to the health of the building.

The main drivers for using the Encompass Blue Platform are:

  1. Applying cost minimisation strategies relating to the reduction of energy waste through smart active monitoring of HVAC systems and other core equipment.
  2. Promoting the Health and Wellbeing of the people occupying the buildings by monitoring core parameters such as Indoor Air Quality.
  3. Active reporting on the health of the equipment through Blue IoT dynamic monitoring of key equipment, provides the ability to prescribe predictive planning maintenance. This feature greatly simplifies operator transitioning from a reactive maintenance model to a more efficient and responsive proactive maintenance model.
  4. “ONE” simplified platform that reviews multiple critical parameters for Building and facility managers.

Blue IoT has an extensive client base in Australia including; Hotels, Banks, Schools and Town-councils.  Clients have chosen the Encompass Blue platform because of its ease of deployment, security (operates on a more cyber secure LoRaWAN protocol) and competitive price point versus the larger BMS systems.

Blue IoT is the recipient of several global awards including the Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA) award in 2022 for Excellence in Industry Innovation for Indoor Air Quality and Remediation.

Blue IoT are so excited to be working with PT DOTS as Indonesia is the first offshore market out of Australia and the first of our global expansion plans. “I believe PT DOTS are the right company with their rich knowledge of power and energy systems across Indonesia and beyond. We look forward to an exciting future making a real difference in Indonesia as we partner together” said Bob Sharon, CEO of BlueIoT (Australia)

PT DOTS is excited with the prospects that Blue IoT offers for our Indonesian customer base.  Previously PT DOTS and its sister company PT OSCORP have been involved in regularly conducting energy audits for our clients. As clients plan to go “green” and also better manage their operating costs – solutions such as Encompass Blue can make a significant impact!  “With Encompass Blue we have greatly widened our portfolio and can offer our clients real-time monitoring and actions of their facilities” said Rene Nazar, CEO PT DOTS.

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