Buenos Aires crowned Smart City of the year

December 15, 2021 6:07 am

Buenos Aires, Argentina was recognized as the Smart City 2021 for its municipal solid waste management plan and its aim to develop circular economy models for each waste at the Smart City Expo World Congress awards held recently in Barcelona.


The city was recognized for its municipal solid waste management plan which was initiated in 2012, and continues to evolve.  The plan is an integrated effort that looks to reduce waste, encourages waste segregation and reduce waste disposition in the local landfill.  The main objective is to develop circular economy models for each waste current.  Buenos Aires with a population of 3 million and a total of 15 million in the extended metropolitan area sees a big impact from such a waste management plan using smart technology.

Congratulations Buenos Aires!

Bringing Smart-waste solutions to Jakarta and other Indonesian cities is possible now!  PT DOTS through its partner Minebea Mitsumi has the sensor and gateway technology that can track the type and amount of waste in the waste-bins and can notify the Trash Collection Centers which bins need to be emptied and even map the most effective routes for the trucks to take.  Such solutions require an ecosystem and multiple players. PT DOTS can be an integral part of the smart waste ecosystem.

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