DOTS and IPMA conclude Successful Event

April 22, 2021 7:43 am

PT DOTS in partnership with the Indonesian Property Management Association (IPMA) completed a successful event relating to “Reduce Risk and Maximize your Readiness Using Situational Awareness Technology” using Kloudspot solutions.

The event which attracted over 138 registrants from IPMA generated active discussion on what is needed in terms of infrastructure, how the Artificial Intelligence component related to this technology work, as well as data privacy.

“As the Chairman of IPMA, I really appreciate Pak Rene’s presentation. This is very good and very beneficial for owners and property management especially for operational part,”  “It is very necessary to implement this technology to buildings in Indonesia immediately” Suryadi,ST, Chairman of IPMA, said.

Rene Nazar, CEO of PT DOTS also pointed out that as the current health crisis upend lives and markets, Kloudspot technology can help business to strive and stay alive.

“A perfect leveraged technology in times of uncertainty to increase your sales,” Rene said.

“Kloudspot is very excited to enter the Indonesian market and bring our global award winning technology to one of the biggest markets in the world,” Satyan Abraham, Senior VP MENA and Asia – Kloudspot.

Kloudspot – the winner of “Smart City Innovation of The Year” award in 2021 IoT (Internet of Things) Breakthrough Awards Program is now entering Indonesia with its world class solutions which are KloudInsights (data analytics), KloudDisplay (digital signage), KloudVision (video analytics), KloudPortal (Wi-Fi portals) and KloudCampaign (Campaign Analytics).

IoT Breakthrough Award 2021 - Smart City Innovation of The Year


situational awareness technology - Kloudspot

DOTS and Kloudspot thank IPMA for organizing this event and look forward to making a positive impact in making Indonesia ready for the new normal post Covid world.

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