Jakarta and other Major Indonesian Cities Falling Behind in the 2023 Global Smart City Ranking

April 14, 2023 5:35 pm

The IMD 2023 Smart City Index has recently been released and Jakarta has fallen from 92nd (2021) to the 102nd rank Smart City in the world out of 141 cities surveyed. Disappointing is that Jakarta ranked 80th in 2019, and so we continue to slide. The study is conducted annually by the IMD World Competitiveness Center in Switzerland and combines both quantitative data as well as qualitative data from citizens to look at a complete picture of how technology is enabling the city to address the challenges they face to improve the quality of life for their citizens.

Zurich, Switzerland ranked 1 Smart City in 2023, and the only Asian city in the top 10 was Singapore. Three cities from Indonesia were surveyed – Jakarta, Medan and Makassar.

For full report please visit the IMD website: https://www.imd.org/smart-city-observatory/home/

Where does Indonesian Cities rank against other ASEAN cities between 2019 – 2023?

One point clear from the study is that ASEAN cities except for Singapore are continuing to fall behind cities in Europe, Middle East and North America in using technology to improve the quality of lives for their citizens.

What are Key Concerns Highlighted by Respondents of Jakarta

Source IMD Smart Index Report 2023

Air pollution, road congestion, Corruption, Basic Amenities and Unemployment are the five main priority areas that are highlighted by Jakartans who responded. These are very critical areas that need to be addressed if Jakarta is going to reverse the downward drop and start to be viewed as a major smart city example.


How Can Companies like PT DOTS Positively Contribute to Making Indonesian Cities Smarter?

PT DOTS as an Indonesian company has several key ways to contribute:

  1. Transition to a smart city – how does a city make the move to become “Smarter?” DOTS has the capability to help City Managers and Planner build a long-term plan and roadmap to make the transition
  2. Smart Urban IOT Infrastructure platform from Minebea Mitsumi which offers solutions such as smart street lighting to reduce the cities energy spend and reallocate funds for other critical areas needed to make the city smart. Also connected to the Smart Lighting platform we can integrate sensors which track and inform/warn the citizens on pollution levels, heat index, flooding and other critical points important to the citizens.
  3. Situational Awareness to improve the safety of the citizens and make the city more liveable by providing relevant information to the citizens. The solution we offer with our partner Kloudspot integrates multiple sources such as sensors, wi-fi access points and CCTV to provide the right information to the citizens to feel more secure while also giving useful information specifically with their interest in mind.

Indonesians want to see our cities reverse the trend of falling globally in the smart city rankings, but much more importantly how do we make use of technology to make our cities more liveable, healthy and fun for you and me?

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