Making Indonesia the Centre of Excellence for Oil and Gas Competency in the Region

October 17, 2022 6:35 pm

Indonesia with its vast untapped reserves both in conventional fossil fuels and natural gas, as well as a younger generation that continues to enter this sector has the ability to be the Centre of Excellence for the region.  Training the new generation as well as those currently in the Oil and Gas sector – using cutting edge simulator technologies will accelerate the time to get a person ready for the job, as well as allow them to have refresher training as needed.

Max Wyndham, Director of Simulator Sales for Drilling Systems visited Indonesia last week and had the opportunity to meet some of the key players including PPSDM, Major Operators and Academic Institutions who are keen to use simulator technology to accelerate the development of our Oil and Gas people to meet the ambitious plans the Government has set for the next few years.

Max Wyndham assessed the potential of the Indonesian Oil and Gas Market following his visit “As Indonesia pushes towards greater energy security, a result in increased drilling activity will require a growing workforce, a need to transfer knowledge and to develop skills and competence. Drilling Systems with the help of DOTS, is well positioned to support this.”

Drilling Systems with over 30 years’ experience in providing simulator technology for the Oil and Gas sector is the market leader for simulators. Most major rig operators, Oil and Gas companies and leading academic institutions use our simulators. PT DOTS is the distributor for Drilling Systems in Indonesia

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