Making Indonesian Buildings More Energy Efficient

June 17, 2023 8:57 pm
  1. From 20% to 70% HVAC electricity savings?
  2. Up to 46% savings off total electricity bills?
  3. Up to 5 years asset life extension?

These are actual results that the Encompass Blue Platform built by Blue IoT (PT DOTS partner) has delivered for buildings in Australia.  Since PT DOTS signed to partner with Blue IoT for Indonesia we have seen significant interest for deploying such technology in Indonesia.

What is driving the interest for Energy Efficiency in Indonesia today?

  • Cost Savings: Energy efficient buildings will consume less energy and these savings can then be passed to the occupants and the building owners. The reduced energy bills can translate to improved affordability and a win for the building owners who implement such technology to attract more occupants versus the buildings that continue to maintain the status quo. 
  • Helping Achieve Corporate ESG Goals: Energy efficiency achieved through smart technology is a clear and quantifiable method to validate what the Company is doing to realize its ESG goal and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Meeting Building Codes and Standards: While Indonesia has yet to develop and implement energy standards for buildings at this time, this is likely a potential next step as Indonesia looks to meet it COP26 commitment to reduce Green House Gases by 29% by 2030. We foresee new buildings will be called upon to be more energy efficient and “green” from the start.

How can the Encompass Blue Platform Drive Efficiency

Encompass Blue is the world’s first ESG IoT smart buildings platform suite which has proven to deliver savings from 20% to 50% of total energy use.  By integrating a number of functions and IoT devices including sensors and controllers, secure wireless radio technology, cloud-based, machine learning and predictive maintenance intuitiveness – we deliver a single SaaS platform that recognizes, interprets and reacts to improve the efficiency.

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