Moving to Smart Streetlights

February 24, 2021 1:08 am

There are 326 million streetlights in the world today according to northeast group LLC.  By 2029, this number will increase to 361 million streetlights of which 73% will be Led luminaires, while 23% will be Smart Streetlights.

If we want to get maximum benefit digital technology and reduce waste the rollout must be more aggressive.   PT DOTS will promote the roll out of “Smart streetlights” in partnership with Minebea Mitsumi for conversion of both existing streetlights and also for new Smart Cities and Districts in Indonesia

Smart Streetlights reduce power consumption by up to 70% in relation to the traditional streetlights, but also bring several other benefits for the City.  With the Minebea Mitsumi solution we can integrate the Smart Streetlights to include traffic control, video surveillance, air quality and environmental sensors as well as providing wifi access.

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