“Optimizing Energy Usage through Fault Detection and Diagnostics” presented at Indonesian Property Management Association Annual Conference

June 4, 2024 10:08 pm

A 46 Percent Reduction!  The Greater City of Dandenong in Victoria, Australia saw a 46% reduction in its energy consumption by using the solution that PT DOTS and its partner Blue IoT (Australia) presented at the Indonesian Property Management Association (IPMA) Annual Conference held in Jakarta earlier this month. 

The topic presented by Sofwan Wilanda (CTO, PT DOTS) and Bob Sharon (CEO, Blue IoT) of “Energy Optimization through Fault Detection and Diagnostics – Reducing Energy & Maintenance Costs” generated significant interest from the over 280 participants.  A live demo using the “Encompass Blue Mark II” platform developed by Blue IoT was part of the presentation, which captured how an anomaly caused at the conference venue triggered a notification to key contacts for immediate action.   

The key to optimizing energy usage and reducing both unplanned and planned maintenance downtime for large commercial buildings is being able to MEASURE critical data using sensors.  This data is then connected to the Encompass Blue platform for analytics, using AI for continuous improvement and action while ensuring that the devices are protected with the best cybersecurity options available in the market today. 

The key takeaways from the session included:

  • To effectively harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), it is essential to have access to a vast amount of data.
  • In Indonesia, HVAC systems consume the most energy. Using data to optimize these systems can boost efficiency and extend their lifespan, avoiding costly replacements for an extended period.
  • Use open technology instead of proprietary technology which “locks” you down
  • Utilize a unified platform like Encompass Blue for comprehensive data retrieval, analysis, and action.Cyber security must be an essential part any energy optimizing solution which involves connecting a network of devices.

The participants were able to see real life cases including the City  of Greater Dandenong which saw a 46% reduction on its energy consumption, and Waverley Library which saw a 41% reduction in its grid power energy usage.  Such quantifiable results generated a high level of interest from the participants to see how we can realize such savings for our Indonesian commercial buildings.

Bob Sharon, CEO of Blue IoT concluded “It was an honor and a pleasure to visit Indonesia and speak at the IPMA conference. I met many outstanding individuals and am highly impressed and excited by the local market potential. Indonesia is now a top priority market for Blue IoT.”

Pak Suryadi –  Chairman of the Indonesia Property Management Association added: “ I as Founder and Chairman, am very proud of all the sponsors of this event, there is a technology where the building is expected to be able to mitigate energy and reliability in managing equipment so that it can save money and without reducing good service to consumers with The topic presented by Sofwan Wilanda ( CTO, PT DOTS) and Bob Sharon (CEO, Blue IoT) of “Energy Optimization through Fault Detection and Diagnostics – Reducing Energy & Maintenance Costs”

This is a new, long-term solution so that buildings can save and take responsibility for the impact of environmental damage. In Indonesia there are 5,000 buildings, not all of which understand the saving and efficiency program. We hope from IPMA that this activity can continue to be developed in Indonesia.”

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