Pandemic Driven Innovation for training your Oil-field Work Force

April 30, 2020 5:56 am

How do we maintain the skills of our Drilling and Work over team during this current Covid crisis where using a simulator is an essential component of the training?  What if traditional simulation training can be done online?  Drilling Systems who PT DOTS represents as the distributor in Indonesia has done just that!  In April 2020, Drilling Systems launched a cloud-based Drilling Simulation program called iDrillSIM.

This ground-breaking innovation allows traditional simulator training to be done remotely online. Using the same high-quality graphics and workflows as actual simulators, this online based simulation allows you to start learning and refreshing your drilling and well control skills from anywhere.  Several Universities worldwide have begun using iDrillSIM to train their students.

PT DOTS is working with Drilling Systems to make this solution available to Universities and Training Centers in Indonesia.  Contact us for more information

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