Readying Indonesian Hospitals to handle Current & Future Challenges with Digital Technologies

July 2, 2021 7:12 pm

“The COVID-19 case in Indonesia is on the edge of becoming a “catastrophe”, according to the Red Cross, as the more contagious Delta variant dominates transmission and forces hospitals to set up emergency tents to accommodate people who are seeking treatment after potentially contracting the Delta variant of the virus.” (Source : The Jakarta Post – June 29, 2021).

As the infection cases continue to surge to unprecedented levels in recent days, hospitals have reported overcapacity with a bed occupancy rate of at least 90 percent in Jakarta, Banten and West Java.

The Indonesian digital health sector has the ability to play a key role in Indonesia’s COVID-19 response. To help authorities and hospitals develop and implement successful COVID-19 policies, data driven analytics are needed to provide actionable insights across the healthcare ecosystem from emergency alerts to facilities management and more.

PT DOTS is partnering with Kloudspot – a global leader in Situational Awareness technology to provide top-quality, data-driven analytics for a better healthcare experience.  Three key possible “use cases” where a Kloudspot solution can bring a significant impact to our Hospital’s are:

  1. Accelerating the Check-in Process: Kloudspot platform, integrated with smart cameras and WI-FI Portal, enables a quick registration and notifications for registered patients when they arrive at hospital. Patients do not have to wait in a long queue and can get faster access to the doctors. This can be done by simply scanning the QR code through patient’s phones and they can also experience frictionless access to hospital WI-FI.
  2. Where are the Critical Hospital Assets?: Timing is critical in healthcare! The hospital staff’s ability to have what they need, right when and where they need it can lead to the difference in a patient’s outcome. With the ability of aggregating the data and tracking assets across hospital via Kloudspot platform, the inventory levels of critical equipment and supplies such as portable ventilators, wheelchairs can be monitored. This will help medical staff in critical situations while controlling costs.
  3. Improving the Patient’s Experience: Real-time monitoring of patients can be done effectively through the Kloudspot platform in which hospital can ensure waiting and patient rooms are comfortable, surgical rooms and medical storage are climate controlled. In addition, the platform has the ability to track if the patients are being given regular visits by the hospital staff (example: doctors, caregivers or cleaning staff are visiting the patients room).


kloudspot solution for hospital


These are some examples of game-changing use cases that the Kloudspot Situational Awareness Platform brings to the Health Sector.  The advantage with Kloudspot is the ability to connect and integrate with most existing wifi, sensors and CCTV equipment thereby reducing the need for high upfront investment.

As Hospitals in Indonesia continue to look to digital technology to better serve their patients, PT DOTS will be glad to work with you to understand your needs and build solutions most suited to fit your requirements.

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