Reducing the Carbon Footprint Effectively through IoT Energy Management Solutions for Organizations with Multiple Offices in Indonesia

July 26, 2021 7:16 pm

Climate change is becoming a serious topic, with Governments and Activists calling for immediate action to address what is considered the most critical issue of our era!  Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are one of the largest contributors to climate change and a significant decrease in GHG is required to prevent the worst impact of climate change (source: The Jakarta Post – May 11, 2021).

As both customers and employees expect a more sustainable way of conducting business, a growing number of Organizations are looking for methods to decrease their carbon footprint. There are several ways to reduce the carbon footprint, one of the most EFFECTIVE steps is by controlling energy usage in the operations through automation.

Controlling energy usage must involve monitoring, analyzing, and controlling all elements of the operations in order to have optimum efficiency. It is critical for the key decision-makers to be well-informed about trends in energy usage for its operations. IoT Energy Management Solutions is very much needed for the company’s key decision-makers to develop sound conclusions and to prepare for any consequences.

PT DOTS is partnering with Vuelogix (part of the AMTechnologies Group, USA) to provide an Intelligent IoT Energy Management Solution to companies in Indonesia. The Vuelogix solution which is a subscription-based (low CAPEX investment) model uses technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Video Analytics to make intelligent predictions and deliver higher energy efficiency and reduce your energy spend and reduce your carbon footprint.

vuelogix energy management solution

The solution is ideal for organizations with multiple locations including branch offices,  warehouses, and factories.  The Vuelogix Energy Management Solution will monitor and measure energy, delivering insights that allow a business to proactively implement measures to reduce consumption, manage resources more efficiently and reduce the risk of outages and breakdowns.

For branch offices, the Vuelogix solution will monitor, control and track usage of devices available in branches spread across Indonesia from a central location.

vuelogix value proposition

What we offer you is a reduction in your Carbon Footprint, Reduction in your Energy Bill, 24×7 monitoring & management with analytics to ensure uptime of your critical asset.  Want to learn more?


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