Smart Hospitals to deploy more than 7 Million Connected Devices by 2026

March 4, 2022 1:16 pm

A Juniper Research study forecasts over 7.4 million connected internet of medical things (IoMT) devices operational globally by 2026 in Smart Hospitals.  The IoMT devices will enable healthcare providers to use remote monitoring sensors and surgical robotics to improve patient care and patient satisfaction, staff productivity and operational efficiency.  The Kloudspot solution provided through PT DOTS in Indonesia is one of the such solution for addressing this need.

The 7.4 million IoMT global figure, equates to 3,850 devices per smart hospital, which represents a 131 per cent increase from 2021 when 3.2 million devices were deployed.   The concept of the IoMT involves healthcare providers leveraging connected devices such as remote monitoring sensors and surgical robotics to improve patient care, staff productivity, and operational efficiency.

Juniper Research’s study identified smart hospitals in the US and China as leading the global adoption of IoMT devices; accounting for 21 per cent and 41 per cent of connected devices respectively, by 2026. However, PT DOTS has seen several Indonesian Hospitals also looking to become Smart Hospitals as well primarily to address the need for improving patient care and satisfaction, staff productivity, and operational efficiency being the main drivers.

The Juniper report identified remote monitoring as key to delivering a smart Hospital solution, and how adoption of remote monitoring technologies grew significantly during the Covid pandemic.  This accelerated adoption will continue for the next five years.  Compared to US and China, Indonesia is just entering this stage of deploying smart Hospital solutions.

It is critical for Hospital CEO’s and their team to engage with system integrators such as PT DOTS to assist them in their journey – where the integrator can turn the Hospital business drivers into the appropriate technology solutions that are fit for purpose.

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