Three Benefits of Smart Lighting to our Community

June 13, 2022 4:38 pm

Most Indonesian cities still use the older Halogen lamps to light the roads.  The problem with these lights is that they are

  1. Use more electricity than the new technology such as Smart LED lights
  2. Emit more green-house gases
  3. Not as effective for public safety as the new lights

These 3 reasons make a strong business case for Cities and Communities to look at transitioning to Smart LED Lighting.  Let us look at the benefits that Smart Lighting can offer a city or community:

  1. SIGNIFICANT Cost Savings! If you transition from traditional sodium lights to Smart LED lighting you are looking at up to 70% savings on your monthly electricity bill.  This is a significant savings and the ROI on your investment can be made in less than 3 years.  Also SMART LED street lights require less maintenance thereby reducing your maintenance costs.
  2. LED reduces green-house emissions: We are all trying to improve our quality of air and reduce green-house gases. LED lights last more than 5 times longer than Halogen lights and the emissions are much less.
  3. Public Safety Improved: SMART LED Lighting improves the safety to your community in the following ways
    1. SMART LED Lighting is centrally managed and you know real-time if one of the lights is not working and what is the problem, even if you are managing a location with 10,000 lights. So, you can dispatch a technician to repair it asap.
    2. SMART LED lighting allows multiple controls – so using motion detection it can increase the power if a person or vehicle is passing by. Halogen lamps on the other hand have only one power level
    3. SMART LED lights allow the same light pole to be used for other security-based devices such as CCTV and motion-detection sensors.

DOTS is partnering with one of the leading global players for SMART Lighting in Minebea Mitsumi Division for IOT – Paradox Engineering to bring this technology to Indonesia.  We recognize that a critical step for a city to become SMART is with Smart Lighting and we offer a “best in class solution.”   Contact us for more information

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