Using Drilling Systems Simulator to Improve Stuck Pipe Prevention Rates

May 31, 2021 9:41 am

The Siberian Service Company (SSK) in Russia has been using Drilling Systems “On The Rig” or OTR simulator to train drillers, assistant drillers and tool-pushers for the past two years.

SSK have used the simulator to train their personnel for all types of equipment breakdowns, operational procedures and issues such as stuck pipe.  This training and assessment of the personnel has resulted in the reduction on the number of stuck pipe incidents.

Stuck pipe is a key challenge we face in the Indonesian Oil and Gas sector, and using an OTR simulator can assist in training our personnel to be better equipped when facing such situations.

Stuck pipe is an issue for your Oil and Gas operations in Indonesia?  PT DOTS will be glad to discuss how the Drilling Systems OTR simulator will enable you to reduce such incidents.

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