What Smart Adaptive Street Lighting Means for Indonesian Cities

January 18, 2022 10:01 pm

Today, Cities and Urban Centres are challenged with reduced budgets as well as becoming more energy efficient in their operations.  A “low hanging fruit” to achieve both these challenging goals is to deploy Smart Adaptive Street Lighting.  It is estimated that approximately 40% of a City’s electricity bill can be for street lighting.  By deploying Smart Street Lighting up to 80% of the power consumption and related costs can be saved.  This is achieved through energy efficient LED lamps and integration with a wireless IOT Network.

PT DOTS through is partner Minebea Mitsumi’s PE Smart Urban Network platform has the expertise and technology to achieve this level of significant saving for cities.  PE Smart Urban Network is our performing and reliable IoT platform for Smart Lighting: it allows to connect and control districts, streets, and even single lamps from a central management system, turning lights on/off and dimming them according to programmed schedules, environmental conditions or on demand.


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