How do we Ensure Health and Safety in the New Normal Era?

Yes, in the new normal era, we must re-open businesses, governments and schools safely. The question is how we do it safely and put privacy at the heart of any strategy?

  • How do we apply preventative safety measures with minimal disruption & cost to keep maintaining social distancing?
  • How do we create comfortable yet safe environments for all?
  • How do we ensure privacy while leveraging technology to create new normal environments?

ICT infrastructure & data analysis will play a central role to Indonesia’s new normal era. Powered by advanced technologies in IoT (Internet of Things), machine learning and artificial intelligence, DOTS in collaboration with our partner Kloudspot will help authorities, cities and businesses to ensure safety, privacy and hygiene compliance by providing data driven, real-time monitoring of social distancing requirements.

Below are some of the core benefits that a Kloudspot based solution will bring:

The advantage of a Kloudspot solution is that it is rapidly deployable as it is software based while making use of your existing infrastructure.  Want to know more about the latest Kloudspot solutions in Indonesia, please contact:


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