Maximizing Your Energy Efficiency & Becoming More Green

“Revolutionize Your Building’s Health and Efficiency with Our Smart Building Platform Solution:

Drive Energy Savings, Reduce Unplanned Outages and Make your Building “Green” Today!”

Encompass Blue, the heart of our cutting-edge smart building platform suite. With Encompass Blue, you can unlock world-leading savings of 20 – 50% in total energy use, maintenance costs, and up to 70% reduction in carbon emissions.

This state-of-the-art technology consolidates an array of functions, incorporating IoT (Internet of Things), interoperability, smart sensors & controllers, cloud computing, machine learning, predictive maintenance, and the best cybersecurity options to deliver excellence.



  • Broad, open platform: Encompass Blue provides a versatile platform for digital transformation in FM (facilities management), infrastructure, buildings, and smart cities.
  • Energy-saving capabilities: Encompass Blue helps optimize energy use, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) risk mitigation services: Encompass Blue goes beyond energy management and offers effective services for mitigating IAQ risks in buildings.
  • Comprehensive solution: Encompass Blue is a holistic solution that addresses various aspects of building management, from energy efficiency to health and safety.
  • Modern building management: Encompass Blue empowers buildings with cutting-edge technology for smarter, more efficient, and sustainable operations.

What sets the DOTS solution apart is its continuous engagement model, focusing on a partnership approach with its clients to ensure a consistent flow of benefits.

If you want to initiate your energy efficiency with an audit – please contact our sister company PT Oscorp Indonesia

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